Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charlie Harper - No Remorse

Two and a Half Men premiered with Ashton Kutcher yesterday.  First lets talk about Charlie's funeral. I knew that it was going to be kind of a joke due to the fact that the the producer of the show hated him, but I was hoping (in vain obviously) that they would send Mr. Harper out with some class.

There was none, what-so-ever. Even the girlfriends that didn't totally hate his guts were complete bitches at the funeral, which I thought was uncalled for. I thought at least Jake would be sad.

There was a 5 second moment after the funeral when Alan was alone with the Urn that he said a one liner thanking Charlie for taking him in...followed up with some joke about where to put him as getting Pamela Anderson to eat him was out of the question.

I think what was the most unnerving thing about the whole episode was the laugh track. Was it REALLY necessary to have laughter through the whole funeral? F-ck off for 2 seconds, gawd.

Then it was onto selling the house. John Stamos and Dharma and Greg came and looked at it and then up rolled Ashton Kutcher....straight out of the ocean. After attempting to kill himself and a night of bonding with Alan he decides to buy the beach house.

As far as Kutcher's character goes he is the tech-smart-40-years-in-the-future version of Michael Kelso...so clearly not a far stretch acting wise from what Kutcher is used to. I am not sold on the new 2.5 Men...I will give it a couple of episodes, but I am thinking my Monday night show list just got a little less crowded.


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