Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chantal Kreviazuk debuts Song for Canada

Chantal Kreviazuk released a new song today I'm Here (A Song for Canada). Part of the proceeds from the song will go to the National Music Centre (which is going to be in Calgary).

The finished song was co-written by the dude who wrote I Believe from the 2010 Olympics. I shouldn't have to tell you any more about the song based on that alone. Chantal's hubby, Raine Maida, was involved in the song, but he doesn't sing...which is a giant disappointment.

The song was part of a contest where people wrote in poems/songs about Canada and the winner got 'a line' from their song in the finished product and some money. So I listened to the song and then read the poem that was entered by the winner (Calum Graham from High River, AB) and they didn't even use a solid line.  The lines in the song are:

The native dances to a drum
The fisherman returns in stormy seas from where he's from
Soldier stretches out his arms

and the words from the original are:

From the native who dances to the drumbeat...

From the fisherman in the Maritimes,
Who brings food back to the land...

To all the soldiers who gave their lives,
To keep this country free...

I mean...I DO like the finished version better, but I think the kid got ripped off. Oh well.


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