Friday, September 23, 2011

Britol Palin confronts mom hater

The video above was filmed at a bar while Bristol Palin was taping her reality show (*eye roll) while she was riding a mechanical bull a guy started yelling at her that her mom was a whore.  She goes over and tells the guy that he hates her mom because he is gay. It is pretty stupid. Like OVERLY dumb...I am ashamed I am writing about it, but I am annoyed and I need to point some stuff out.

I think the whole thing was a plant for the show. I understand her going over and confronting the guy because she is an idiot. The correct response would be to ignore him, but instead she goes over and gets in his face. She seems pretty confident that he isn't gonna knock her out. And no one, especially her, would be that confident.

Reasons why I think it is a set up:
  1. She is way to calm. The only reason you go up and ream someone out at a bar is if you are raging mad. She was too together and didn't get out of hand. No way she would have been so politician like.
  2. She calls the guy out on being gay as soon as she starts talking to him. The guy is not a flamer so how the f-ck would she know that? This kind of controversy is good for ratings.
  3. In real life he would have taken his cock out and slapped her with it. Since that didn't happen I can't believe it is real.


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