Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 5: Reality Couples

Now we all know the chances of a reality couple staying together are slim...but I would like to recognize the ones that I love. Cause there are some that make you want to stop watching television all together (cough *Ronnie and Sam* cough) and some that are entertaining without being painful.

Kourtney and Scott - Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Scott Disick, you either love the guy or you hate him. He is a giant douche, but I do really love him and Kourtney. Don't even think for a second that she doesn't think 95% of the stuff he pulls is not absolutely hilarious.

Jeff and Jordan - Big Brother
The only house couple that I have not wanted to murder on Big Brother. They are the stark contrast to Brendan and Rachel who have also been on 2 season of the show. Together Jeff and Jordan will go places...alone they will just be a couple of people who have played the Big Brother game. Trust me.

Stephen and LC - Laguna Beach
Kristin ruined everything. Ok so fine...they were never really together, but they should have been. Lauren also should have got together with Brody Jenner - now he is dating Avril Lavigne and she is sitting at home wondering if she should be dying her hair blue or deleting him out of her contacts.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar - 19 and Counting
Despite the fact that they are insane for having that many children all out of one vajay, you must give them some props for being nice with that much crazy. For real...Jon and Kate almost killed each other after 8 kids...these guys are like "Let's have 30!"

Ozzy and Sharon - The Osbournes
Sharon wears the pants...but she kind of has to doesn't she. What year do you think Ozzy lost his mind? 1990? Love them.


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