Monday, August 29, 2011

Top 5: Movies made in Saskatchewan

I have a new roommate moving in next week from Saskatchewan. Curiously I asked her what movies have been filmed there and she said - I am pretty sure that has never happened. WHAT!? I knew that there was more going on in that province than just Corner Gas (RIP) I did a little bit of investigation and realized that the prairie province has actually have had some legitimate movies filmed on their turf.

Obviously they are not on the same playing field as Toronto, Hollywood North or even Alberta, but there were a few notables. I would like to point out that most all movies filmed in SK are horrors or those super depressing movies that are dark and gloomy - which makes sense. are the top 5 movies filmed in Saskatchewan:

Sleepwalking, 2008
Moose Jaw & Regina, SK
I had never even heard of this movie prior to my research, but there are some pretty big stars making up it's cast. Charlize Theron, Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb, Woody Harrelson and Dennis Hopper. Shoot. I watched it and it couldn't have been an Oscar nominee and it sure makes me never want to move to Sask, but all in all a good film. Robb is a little talent - still going strong today.

The Messengers, 2007
Indian Head & Regina, SK
Kristen Stewart getting mauled by little demon ghosts...sold. Clearly I haven't seen this nor am I going to because it looks like a prairie version of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, but as far as scary goes - it looks like it fits the bill.

Surveillance, 2008
Moose Jaw & Regina, SK
Another horror that I haven't seen, but the story looks compelling and it premiered at Cannes. Only failure...Bill Pullman. Agh.

Skipped Parts, 2001
Indian Head, Lebret, Regina, & Vibank, SK
Mischa Barton playing a child slut. Not that I am at all surprised by this, but no wonder. I am really not sure how Drew Barrymore fits into the movie - is she a porn star? So curious...I tried to find the film to watch but I literally can't find it anywhere. It is still making the list.

Just Friends, 2005
Moose Jaw & Regina, SK
This was the only movie I knew for sure was filmed in Sask, because my roommate in University told me that she auditioned for a part (of the girl skating in the arena who says hi to Ryan Reynolds) and lost it to some two-bit hoe from her school. That roomie was also from Sask...weird roommate pattern I have going on. Anyways, I LOVE this movie. It is probably one of my favorite RomComs of all time - plus Ryan Reynolds. Score.



  1. this is an excellant psychological thriller,watched it 3times.

  2. What about Little Big Man--very old movies, but a classic with Dustin hoffman and Chief Dan george


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