Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 5: Funny Female Actresses

Ever since I said I was not a fan of Bridesmaids (that chick comedy that everyone else in the world thought was a-maz-ing) I have been told I don't think women are funny. How dare thee! First of all...I am a chick, and I think I can be quite worthy of an occasional laugh-so-hard-you-piss-your-pants moment (...sometimes I miss the mark, but no one is perfect).  So in my defense of my Bridesmaids dislike I give you 5 female actresses that I think are brilliant comedians:

Judy Greer
One of my favorite roles of hers was in 27 Dresses when she played Casey the best friend of Katherine Heigl's character. Best scene: rolling up to work the Monday after a wedding wearing a man's dress shirt belted with part of her bridesmaid's dress. I don't love that she was a was the clear disregard that she held for anyone and anything that was great. Love her.  Also check out Judy in Barry Munday...very different role, still funny.

Sofia Vergara
I love pretty much every character in Modern Family, but I have a special place in my heart for Gloria. I love how Colombian she is and the best scenes are when she is messing with Jay...or when she killed the neighbours dog.

Mindy Kaling
I don't know if you realize how much humour Mindy brings to The Office with her role as Kelly. Sure she is not one of the dominant characters...she isn't even positioned in the main room of the office as the rest of the crew, but her shenanigans with Ryan kill me and any scene where she pulls the minority card cracks me up.

Allison Janney
This broad has been around the block a few times...but it wasn't until I saw her as the stepmom in Juno that I really started to appreciate her amazing comedic talent. That woman completely made that movie for line of the entire movie, "Doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream."

Zooey Deschanel
Let's put aside the fact that she stomped poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt's heart into the ground on (500) Days of Summer and rewind to a time when she was just the insane side kick in most of her roles. Remember Failure to Launch? Not a great movie, but Zooey did kill me as the roommate who wants to kill the chirping bird outside her window...she calls it a whore and devil bird.

I just realized that two of my favorite female comedians killed animals in the roles which I favoured them in...disregard this as it is just a coincidence.

In addition to the list above other funny females include: Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph, Leslie Mann, Martha MacIsaac, Missi Pyle, Jane Lynch, Julie Bowen, and Busy Philips. See...not a lady hater at all!


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