Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tom Hanks refunded a couple for Larry Crowne

Supposedly Tom Hanks gave a couple of people who went to his latest film, Larry Crowne, $25 after they said they didn't like it.  The Guardian is reporting that Hanks was at a gas station when he was approached by a couple. He asked them if they enjoyed his latest film and they said that they didn't, but it was only because they kind of expected more from him because he is great...then he forced them to take $25 out of his own pocket.

Let me tell you why I think this story is complete BS.

First, what kind of fan has the balls to go up to a celebrity and bash their latest work to their face? No one. And you definitely don't do it to Tom! He is way to nice to be hearing that kind of stuff from supposed fans.

Second, would you ACTUALLY take money from Tom Hanks as a refund for your bad movie experience? These people were either total ass holes or bums.

And third...there is no way Tom Hanks pumps his own gas. In my mind he has a gas station at his house...he doesn't even need full service.


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