Monday, August 1, 2011

SPOILER ALERT! Who does Ashley Choose?

So tonight Ashley picked her man. She picked the crowd favorite, JP.

But before that happened Ben and JP met her family. Her sister, who looked like she was Kat Von D's sister not Ashley's, told JP straight out this is not right for her. She approved of Ben and hated JP. But we all know that Ashley will try to have anything that people tell her she can't. I am not sure if she would have not picked Ben if that didn't happen. I give it a year, max.

Ben's exit was my favorite thing EVER. He says, "That's it then right," and then walks away. She goes after him. He tells her you can't leave something like this on good terms. You tell her Ben. I hate when the Bachelor or Bachelorette thinks that the person that kick off is just gonna be like "Oh, ok. Well you are the best!" Like, f-ck off. That is not how it goes.

I am so glad this season is over. It was the worst. Bring on the Bachelor Pad.


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