Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some other things I thought you may like to know...

WARNING: This video is not funny. It is slightly education and totally mind effed me.

Dean Sheremet, LeAnn Rimes' first husband who everyone thought was gay that she cheated on with her current hub, just got remarried - to a chick...soooo, guess he's not gay.

Matthew Fox tried to get on a party bus, got rejected by the female bus driver and then attacked her...oh come ON! If I can get on a party bus that I am not supposed to be on surely Mr. Fox can.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were seen riding bikes in Toronto together...now, obviously, they are back together, planning their wedding and picking out baby names (*Eye Roll)

Justin Bieber got in a minor fender bender today while driving his Ferrari...well OF COURSE the Biebs has a Ferrari, because life is just so GAWD DAMN FAIR!

Jon Voight hung out with his grandkids, which incidentely are the children of Angelia and Brad...in other news, Jon Voight is still alive. Right on.

James Marsden
is still hot...despite the fact that his upcoming movie has him wearing lame glasses whilst sporting a shaggy hair cut - all the while killing people with drills etc. Yuck.


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