Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some other things I thought you may like to know...

Video: Well that's just evil.

Kevin Federline had his 5th child...although I thought he may be pregnant himself at one point...I guess it was his woman that had the baby.

Russell Armstrong, one of the husbands off of a Real Wives show, committed suicide...These shows are terrible for the people who have to watch them and obviously the people on them as well. I call for mass cancellation.

Gaga released her video for You and I...anyone who liked the song for what it was will now be scarred by the video.

Katy Perry became the first female and second person to have 5 #1 hits from a single album on the Hot Katy, but there is no way I would say that this album had 5 #1's. Maybe 2, 3 at the most.

Contrary to former reports, Queen Latifah and Snooki are not competing on Dancing with the Stars next season...not that I would have, but no Snooki, no reason to watch.


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