Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snooki plays 'Slipper Golf' on Jimmy Fallon

In honor of Jersday we shall watch Snooki play slipper golf on Jimmy Fallon.

A couple things about this video:
  • Holy Snooki is TINY next to Jimmy. She would probably be up to Conan's knee.
  • When Snook says that there are soles on the slippers "So you can wear them to the office"...Jimmy is dying inside I am sure.
  • Snooki "Is this floor clean?" this girl for real? The kind of business she gets up to and she is worried about a dirty floor?
  • I love how competitive Jimmy is. He is not letting up on her at all.
  • Did Jimmy have a hole in his sock the whole time...or did that happen while they were playing?
I doubt anyone watched this and decided after that they too wanted to go and play a round of slipper golf. I sure didn't.


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