Monday, August 8, 2011

Sinead O'Connor...that you?

Um, that does not look like 90's singer Sinead O'Connor, but according to People - it is. She was singing back up for a band at a music festival in Ireland on the weekend.

Should I even attempt to break down what a disaster this is? Regardless if it is Sinead or not, I will try my best.

Generally if people are wearing all black in the summer it is because they A) worship Satan or B) are trying to look slim. Since I don't think she falls into the first category I will default to B...then I ask why would someone then wear a crop top for their non-preggo looking baby belly to be on full display? Mind boggling.

It also looks like she has a mullet, but I can't be sure with the black back ground. This is one case where I can say I prefer the bald head., welcome back Sinead...I guess.


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