Monday, August 15, 2011

Sex and the City back for season 7?!

Holy smack! Sex and the City may be coming back to your TV sets!

Now before I go any further I must say that this information comes from a gossip tabloid in Britain, the Daily Mail, so defs take this with a grain of salt. They are probably drafting a retraction as I type this.

The story goes like this. They were planning on doing another movie as a prequel that would have the 4 girls in their young prime, but then after people didn't warm to the second 'movie' (or as I liked to call it...extended episode set in Dubai) they have now decided that they are going to do a 7th season of the show in the prequel form.

The DM is also reporting that the 4 young ladies that are going to be the young crew are Blake Lively (Samantha), Elizabeth Olsen (Carrie), Selena Gomez (Charlotte), and Emma Roberts (Miranda).  That may be their DREAM TEAM, but like hell they would be able to get all those girls for a tv show. Puh-lease, it'll never happen. Even if they were to do a movie based on this...getting those 4 girls would be a hard deal. And Emma Roberts as Miranda? Hells no. Not enough of a ging and too pretty.

Sarah Jessica Parker is also being said to be the producer of the show. Uh huh.

Again, this may be moot tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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