Monday, August 22, 2011

Ryan Gosling stops a 'street fight' (VIDEO)

So a couple of people got into a fight in the middle of a New York street the other day and some girl was filming it. A couple of people walk up and try to stop the fight and then a guy in a striped wife beater steps in and the fight is over.

Everyone is saying that it is Ryan Gosling, which it may be, but the stupid girl who is filming it really doesn't give us that much to work with.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS! Am I really filming this right now?!" Um actually you are not, because as soon as you figure out it is Ryan you put you effing hand over the lens so no one can identify if it is actually him. Idiot.

Anyways, if it is Ryan...good for him. He talked to some people into moving off a street. *Eye roll.


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