Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recap: Jersey Shore in Italy

First, if I am correct, they have scrapped the super terrible Jersey Shore version of 'The After Show'....Hallelujah. Seriously, you can't do that kind of show without Jessie and Dan. It just doesn't work.

So the J Shore kids are Florence, Italy. Was it as big of a gonger as we all thought? Well, the episode started off with everyone packing their 8,000 bags and getting their 'passport' photos taken. Um, yeah....maybe in a pre-security era would you be allowed to take a passport photo while blowing kisses and wearing a giant hat. To me this is an obvious joke, but what about the idiot children that are going to watch this and try to do the same thing? Passport photographers the world over are getting hernias watching this.

The race is on to get to the house in Italy. The boys vs. the girls. The boys obviously win because the girls never have it together...and they each have about 10 giant suitcases. I shutter at the amount MTV paid in baggage fees.

Their apartment/loft/villa thing that they are living in looks super nice. Which is sad because they will ultimately destroy it.  Vinny, Pauly and Deena are in one room. Mike and Ronnie in one and Snooks, Jenni and Sammi in the other.

They have the normal transcontinental problems...can't speak the language, don't know how to use a converter, don't know how to drive...don't know the name of the currency. Snooki, "Where can I get some pesos?" Um, maybe in Mexico....on the other side of the Atlantic.

They all pretty much look the same. Vinny keeps talking about a 'beard' that he is supposedly sporting...but I can't even see that garbage. Snooki, Deena and Sammi look as African as ever...but Jenni. Oh wow...her head is becoming disproportionate to her body. Hopefully since they are in the land of pasta she will put on a couple of pounds. She was fine before...scrawny JWoww is gross.

So the drama for the rest of the season looks like it is going to involve Mike, and NOT Ronnie and Sam. Thank God. It looks like Mike is gonna start drama by trying to hook up with Snooki even though she has a boy at home. If Mike gets beat up this season it will be a success.

I am glad Jersday is back in session. Guilty pleasure Thursdays are back in action.


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