Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recap: the Insanity Pad

The Bachelor Pad premiered last night...an entire 3 hours of ridiculousness that I'd rather not relive, but here we go. This episode was all about Jake and Vienna. Since I hate these two you can imagine my anguish that the entire episode was devoted to them.

At the beginning you feel bad for Jake because Vienna gets the whole house hating him before he gets there. I was thinking, poor dude.

Jake and his partner Jackie win the first two roses and are given a third rose to give to someone else. Everyone believes that he will and should give the rose to Gia who is kind of in some sort of alliance with him. Jake pulls the dumbest move in the history of reality TV and gives the rose to...Vienna. Why? Because he wanted a couple minutes alone with her (and her boyfriend) to apologize for being a douche. Vienna doesn't believe anything he says and he is feeling pretty smug after it is over. WHO ARE YOU?! Gia is then in turn pissed at Jake because she is now on the line to go home.

Now I honestly cannot tell you the ins and outs of the entire program because there is no way this disaster could hold my attention for a full three hours (really...it took them an entire hour to get everyone out of their limos and into the house). What I can say is that Justin 'Rated R' Reggo messed up by playing both sides in the first day and got sent packing and another girl who I can't even remember her name got sent packing for not keeping her trap shut.

I don't really have anything else to say except this is going to be one big gonger that I may or may not be able to stomach for a whole season. Only time will tell...but Jake and/or Vienna needs to leave as soon as humanly possible.


Side Note: Is it just me or do all these broads look way older than they are? They all have about 95 pounds of makeup on and they dress like they are 35 instead of 25...plus many of them look like they have had work done....except Vienna, she needs it - but doesn't have it.

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