Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recap: Canada Sings, Week 1

So tonight was the premiere of Canada Sings. Two groups compete for $10, 000 to go to the charity of their choice. Each group is comprised of people who work together for the same company. This week there was a group from the Toronto Zoo and 1-800-GOT-JUNK from Vancouver.

The show takes you from their first singing introduction to the teams vocal coach and choreographer to their stage performance. Which is interesting as the three judges (Jann Arden, Vanilla Ice and Pierre Bouvier) were kind of promoted like you would be seeing them as much as the peeps on American Idol or the Got Talent shows. They are not...their screen time is maybe a MAX 10 minutes. But I actually like this better.

Team one was the Zoo people. Their song started out with Natasha Bedingfield's Wild Horses and into Avril Lavinge's What the Hell and a little dab of Forever Young at the end.  The girl who did the solo was ok, by no means amazing. That is to be expected. I wanted to shove a pen in my ear when they started singing What the Hell (which, not surprisingly, is what I was thinking). Whose idea was that? Effing was the girl who sang  the solo for that song. Eck.

Next up was the Junk peeps.The judges absolutely raved about the guy who opened, Tim. I did not get all. Were we listening to the same thing? No offence Tim, you are alright....but you should keep your job at the junk company - I think everyone was pulling your dick.

The junk people ended up winning. I am going to put all the blame on whoever chose What The Hell as the Zoo people's second song. Major failure.

As for the judges...don't watch this expecting any kind of criticism. Cause they basically say the same thing to everyone "You're so great!" And Vanilla Ice will occasionally throw out some dated gangster speak such as, "I thought you guys pimped it and you should pop your collar and holler." Pierre has a weird isn't French though - is it? Jann Arden was sexually suggestive with that Tim dude, which I found hilarious.

I think I am going to add this show into my Wednesday night routine after Big Brother. For those of you who live in a province other than Ontario...don't plan on watching anyone from your home. The Junk people were from Vancouver and there is one other team from Vancouver - but the rest of them are from Ontario.  Jann Arden is repping Alberta and Pierre Montreal - but this is pretty much unacceptable. If this show continues next year I expect there to be full country representation.


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