Friday, August 19, 2011

RAD turns 25! Screening tonight at The Uptown #YYC

Do you remember the BMX movie from the 80's called Rad? I kid you not, it was one of my favorite movies as a child. As a 80's baby who watched all the 80's movies in the 90's - this was my ultimate. Screw Molly Ringwald and all her 'classics'...that ginger huss didn't ride a bike.

It was filmed in Cochrane and Calgary and this years marks the 25th year of its release ('86 was a good year). So tonight at the Uptown they are going to be screening Rad twice...once at 7PM and once at 9PM. Oh. My. Gawd.

The fact that I just found out about this today is soul crushing because 1. Clearly I have plans and 2. I didn't get to warn everyone about it. I am truly very sorry. This may be the worst news of your life.

Not only is the movie 100 percent 80's it also stars Lori Loughlin pre-Full House.

UPDATE: I'm going. I bailed on a farewell party. Gave the kid a 26 of Tequila and goodbye he's ever received. 


Side note: Just want to clarify that just because I was obsessed with this movie does not mean I know how to do BMX tricks. I was, however, a paper carrier.

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