Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh look...'s Kate Gosselin. Her show (which should have been cancelled) Kate Plus 8, started its second season on Monday on TLC. I'd rather have botox injected into my eyeball than watch that garbage.

Remember the days when Kate spent more time with her children than she did on getting her hair done and tanning? My memory is fantastic, so I totally remember...but it was a while ago for those of you with long term memory impairment.

Just a quick update as well on the children: They are all still alive (to my knowledge), they supposedly want their mom to get married again (cause children that age totally understand marriage...especially when it was presented to them in such a positive light the first time around) and none of them are currently on the crack pipe (that I am aware of).


This post is for Thomas. Today I crossed out the things I wanted to say about KG in honor of your birthday and weird love for her. You're welcome.

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