Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

I swear to God, the short weeks are always the is it not already the weekend. If you get a monsoon rain on this one there are a couple films you can choose from...but remember, limited means that unless you live in the great white centre of the universe - they probably don't come out until later.
The Change Up
Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman switch places. I have a nagging feeling that we have seen all the funny parts in the previews. Ten bucks says Ryan Reynolds conforms to social norms by the end of the movie and decides to settle down and have a family. Let's get one thing straight...spending any amount of time with another person's family is the best birth control ever...not a condom remover.

The Devils Double (Limited)
The dude from Mama Mia is in this. He plays Saddam Hussein's son and a dude that they found to be his body double for protection. Of course it is all about corruption and the bad stuff that the Husseins did. It looks kind of legit for sure.

The Future (Limited)
This movie definitely looks like something that would have got raves at Sundance. Super indie hipster and bland looking. It is about a couple who decides to adopts a cat and then postpone for 30 days to live their dreams or something before the get tied down. That is messed up right? It's not just me thinking this?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Listen, the only Planet of the Apes that I want to see is one with Mark Wahlberg. If there is no Mark I don't want to see a bunch of monkeys running around killing people - that is just terror with no reward for me. James Franco is in it - a good substitution, but not good enough.

The Tunnel (2011) (Limited)
It said thriller in the genre...which made me not want to watch the previews. I have had enough thrill for the day. (Movie has something to do with bad water and a journalist digging into the issues).

As only 2 of these are going to be coming to a theatre near you I would have to suggest you go see The Change Up. Let me know if Ryan Reynolds loses his rad life at the end of the film.


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