Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jenny is coming back to American Idol

It has been confirmed. Jennifer Lopez will return to American Idol next season according to Ryan Seacrest. I am actually quite pleased about this. I think I will actually do the season from start to finish.

Note to Americans with actual talent...get your butts out and audition because I want someone legit to cheer for.

I am more pleased about this now since she announced her divorce...because now we won't have to endure any more creepy guest appearances by the male skeletor, Marc Anthony. Yay! All is right in the world.

After the end of last season Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler signed on for another year, but Jen was holding out for more money. Which, if Page Six is correct, is what she ended up getting....$20 million for the year. That is double what Steven Tyler is getting. Steven has already signed on for the year, but now reports are coming out that he is also trying to get more money. Rightly so...he is way more of an attraction than JLo.

Steven and Jen are a package deal. If they are not both on the show I may rethink my next season dedication.


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