Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jeff's fans need to calm down!

Jeff was voted out of the house earlier this week (if you didn't know that already...get with the program. It was 3 days ago...if you haven't caught up with your PVR yet you shouldn't be on the internet).  Shelly was basically the deciding vote after switching from team Jeff and Jordan to Team Newbies.

Since then it has been reported that Shelly's family has received angry phone calls as well as threats against her 8 year old daughter because of how she voted. The place where she works has also received phone calls requesting that she be fired.

WTF. This is about as insane as Regan becoming Rachel's friend once they left the house. It is pure idiocy. I have been supremely annoyed with stuff that happens on TV, but I am rational enough to know that sending anthrax to people's fan mail is probably not the best solution for my pain. (And it is not for yours either...don't get any ideas).

America...calm the F-CK down!


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