Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jackie and Ames after the Limo Chase

Did you watch the Trash Pad on Monday? If you did, you will know that the only person who got kicked off the show (Gia left on her own accord) was Jackie.

Her and Mr. Forehead (aka Ames from Ashley's season) were all hot and heavy the whole time so of course he was pretty upset when she left...that was until he put her in a limo, paused for a about 10 seconds, waved at the rest of the group and ran after the limo in a sickening RomCom inspired vomit fest of cheese and got in the limo with her. Then we heard some gross voice over of him saying he chose love over money and blah blah blah. And the remaining contestants start talking about their wedding etc. To top it all off he was wearing magenta pants and a navy blazer. Pink pants? Ok then.

To all you saps who thought that was the cutest thing ever...I am about to shatter your world (and clearly your naivety to reality television). They already broke up. Their happily ever after last about 2 weeks and then he dumped her. BAH!

Am I pure evil that I laughed hysterically when I found this out? I am going to go with no.

He said, "We just maybe weren't the ideal match."

She said, "I was shocked that it ended as it did. I thought it was potential forever. It came out of nowhere. As far as I knew, things were great. I thought it lasted much longer than it did. I guess you didn't. It takes two."

So clearly we see who cut the cord. This made my day.


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