Friday, August 26, 2011

It was Double Eviction night on Big Brother

I was pleased with the outcome of last night. I didn't like Danielle as a person, but I did like her as a player. I was not surprised that she was sent packing after being the replace nominee for Porsche, but I was disappointed.

Then it was the HoH comp, nominations, veto competition, eviction all in an hour.

Kalia wins HoH
Kalia puts up Jeff and Rachel
Porsche wins the veto competition
Porsche does not use the veto
Vote: Good bye Jeffrey.

There is about 5 minutes between the non-replacement and the vote. Jeff tried to talk Shelly into voting for Rachel but Shelly doesn't even want to talk to him. I guess they got into a big fight earlier when Jeff found out that Shelly flipped and was trying to keep Danielle in the house. He probably thought he was sitting pretty and could continue to be a cocky douche like he ran the house.

I like Jeff and Jordan, but my problem with them and Brendan and Rachel was that they acted like they were the kings and there was no way that they could be beat. That pissed me off, thus I am thrilled that Jeff left.

Poor Danielle in that jury house though. Hell.


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