Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Review: Red State

I went into this film ready to wet my pants because it was classified as a horror (which we all know, I don't do horror), but once the credits started rolling I was thinking, "I've been had!" Not scary at all. Case in point - I was able to walk home alone at 11:30 p.m. through downtown and into my crack apartment without even flinching.

Sure the concept of 3 guys getting drugged and kidnapped by a crazy Westboro Baptist type cult in some middle America town sounds frightening enough, but all those Criminal Minds marathons may have made me immune to such fear tactics.

Three high school dudes find a lady online in a nearby town that wants to have a 4-way with them. So they drive out to her trailer in the middle of nowhere and she drugs their beers and kidnaps them. Turns out this lady is a member of the 'Five Points Church' and was using this online site as a way to bait 'sinners.' The movie continues as the boys try to escape the commune, or whatever you may call it, where they are being held.

Somewhere along the line some officers get involved, lead by John Goodman, and then the movie comes to a close. I literally can not say anything else plot related without being a dick and giving away surprises...and trust me, there are plenty.

I'm a fan of movies that keep me guessing so I am partial to this film. There is no rational storytelling reason behind some of the things that happen in the movie. Pretty sure Kevin Smith, writer and director, just wanted to screw with the audience, which I am ok with. Having a little mind f-ck every once in a while never hurt anyone. It is not a 'I feel violated' mind f-ck, but rather the 'oh you bastard, good one Kevin.'

While some people would be annoyed with the odd series of events, I was more irritated with some of the camera work. That being said, that is my only complaint with the movie as a whole, and that is saying something. Not really scary and only a couple technical peeves.

There were a couple of things that did 'scare' me. First was Melissa Leo, who played the crazy lady who drugs the boys and is the daughter of the old cult leader. She was scary because I am sure there is someone out there in America whom the art is mimicking...and that fact is unnerving. People can be absolutely 100% batshit crazy and thinking about fiction as reality can be horrifying.

This is tied with the disgusting rat tail mullet sported by the character Billy-Ray. It didn't scare me as much as it made me want to vomit, but it had to be mentioned.

I will tell you this, after watching this film, if I had a Plenty of Fish account I would delete it. (Note: any account out there pretending to be me is false! If you find one that person is probably waiting to drug you an cut off your nuts.) I am of the personal opinion that anyone who does online dating is just wanting to get messed with. Now I am happy I have a movie to reference in my argument on this matter.

To be honest, I am not sure if this film is as great as I think it is or if I am slightly blinded by the fact that I felt victorious after not pissing myself. Either way it is a good watch.

Verdict: 3.8 Stars


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