Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Review: Our Idiot Brother

In general I hate movies about people who have no common sense. They irritate me so much I usually want to make an on the spot fight club and kick the beejeez out of someone. When I saw the trailer for Our Idiot Brother I thought that this may be one of those movies, but I also thought it could be a gem. Hell, I even put it on my Top 5 movies of the summer list.

And I'll be damned it I wasn't right. Paul Rudd played such a lovable idiot I wasn't even annoyed. It wasn't an uncomfortable series of unfathomable events which generally take place in these types of flicks. It was a dude who was really honest and trusted in the inherent goodness of people. Unfortunately for every other character - well their deviation from honesty got them in trouble, but it really had nothing to do with Ned (Rudd).

Ned goes to jail for selling a uniformed police officer weed. After he gets out of jail his girlfriend has got a new boyfriend living with her on the farm, she won't give him back his dog (Willy Nelson) and he turns to his family for a place to stay and work. His 3 sisters all have seemly good lives which of course Ned breaks down through honesty until they all realize that, in fact, their lives suck.

I wasn't digging the fact that Paul Rudd looked like Jesus or that he wore red Crocs, but it kind of just brought the whole thing together. I also liked that Ned has such an affinity for children and dogs, since I hate them both and this made me feel smarter.

The supporting cast also killed. Working on that set must have been talent overload and I am tres jealous of even the lowly PAs that had to run and get coffee and special gluten free mini sandwiches (which I am sure someone requested at one time or another). Rashida Jones as the dude in the lezzie relationship with the full on pedophile glasses killed me. Adam Scott as a non-douchey character blew my mind - it so suited him. He plays a great ass hole, but I am seeing a whole new side here. I like it.

Verdict: 4.0 Stars


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