Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Review: Cowboys and Aliens

I thought the premise of this movie was ridiculous before I went to see it. The only reason I agreed to go was because it was directed by Jon Favreau and I love him. What I don't love is movies about aliens, Daniel Craig and Westerns. So of course I couldn't have picked a worse show.

My first complaint is that the people should have been a little more freaked out by the aliens and space ships. The fact that there was something in the sky at all should have had grown men defecating in their pants. So that was a let down.

Second complaint is the writing. Who wrote this? Talk about cliche and cheese. As far fetched as this movie was, there should have been a little more research into the way that people talked back then as well as stuff they would never say.

Pretty much every character in the entire movie pissed me off. Daniel Craig is one of the worst...I don't know how he got the Bond roles. Still irks me. Olivia Wilde was super weird and annoying, which is not usual for her. I generally don't hate her. There was no one that I thought was super legit. Harrison Ford was the closest that I would get - and that is because he plays a good old crazy dude. The days of Hot Harrison are no more people. Dude is OLD.

The aliens in this movie were very creepy...if you like that kind of thing you are in luck.

Overall I would have to say it is a renter...or something you take your grandma to to freak her out. It starts off Westerny so she will be all into it - cause it is from her time - and then out pops an alien and then she gets to use her depends.

Verdict: 2.6 Stars


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  1. The only reason I saw it was because Gord wanted to. It was better than I had expected.


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