Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane can't stop Canadians from playing hockey

If you haven't heard about Hurricane Irene, then you haven't turned on a radio, the internet or a tv in the last 48 hours. If I hadn't known better I would have thought that the east coast Apocalypse had come and they were all going to be wiped out.

I can joke now since it is over and Irene has been down graded to a tropical storm. There was some damage and flooding...but nothing as drastic as they feared (I don't think). Anyways...on to the jokes. had an article that was posted early this morning about the threat on NYC and there was a little blurb in there about the tourists around Times Square:

Further up the street, on a pedestrian mall, a group of firefighters from Vancouver in town for the World Police and Fire Games played an impromptu game of street hockey. Despite the pouring rain, many played bare-chested, but the game did not last -- approximately 20 New York police officers broke up the game with no arrests. 

You can't stop Canadians from playing also can't stop people from Vancouver from going out in the rain. It's like their world 350 days per year.

Love it.


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