Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Final Destination meets Saved by the Bell

As most of you know, I don't do horror movies. Not a fan. Tonight I make an exception and I am going to see Final Destination 5. Having never seen any of the previous films I am just going off my gut and assuming that everyone dies...right?

I am kind of excited about this because this is a conversation I have a lot with people after I have seen a movie that they have not:
Person to cheap to go to the theatre to watch a movie: "OMG, tell me what happens! Wait! No! I don't want to know!"
Me: "Everyone dies."
So am I still allowed to say this after FD5? I'm just gonna roll with the same old.

In honor of my first scary movie experience in FOREVER I decided to post this 'music video' for New Romance by Miles Fisher starring a bunch of people who die in Final Destination 5. Oh...and it is set to the classic set of Saved By The Bell's Bayside High. Cute (but not really once you see it).


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