Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dirty Dancing Remake: Horrible or Brilliant?

You have probably heard that they are going to be remaking Dirty Dancing.

For the h-core fans out there you are probably thinking "Sacrilege!" others may be thinking this is a good idea. Good idea or bad, whoever is producing and directing this film better be a genius...not only are they taking on the task of remaking a film that defined many people's youth, but you have to deal with all the Patrick Swayze fans. I honestly thought after he passed away no one would even try to touch this. I don't know if success is achievable.

Supposedly Jennifer Gray, otherwise known as Baby, has given the remake her blessing, but why wouldn't she? It's not like she has done anything since besides a spot on Dancing with the Stars (which is worse that doing nothing). A remake of her former glory will get her attention...and there is nothing an actor likes more than attention.

 It really depends who they cast in the roles. I know some people are already pitching Ryan Gosling after his Dirty Dancing inspired lift in Crazy, Stupid, Love...but I am just not sure.

So what do you think? Dirty Dancing 2.0 horrible idea or greatness on a theatre screen? Still debating...


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  1. WORST idea ever. Am I the only one who saw "Havana Nights"?


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