Monday, August 8, 2011

Did Howard Stern leak a copy of Super 8?

Howard Stern is subject of controversy pretty much monthly...he is coincidentally the 'shock jock.' Today the news is that Howard's screening copy of Super 8 was leaked online.

It is supposedly one of the first legit versions of the film to appear on the net, as most of the others have been low grade in theatre tapings probably made in Asia somewhere. Apparently the watermark on the video that identifies who was given the film belongs to Stern.

The studio and Stern have not commented on the situation - although Stern said on Twitter that he is aware. He will probably talk about the situation on his show this week. I am actually just surprised that he got a screener in the first place.

He seems like a random person to get a film that was so hush-hush for so long. Interesting.


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