Monday, August 22, 2011

Devastation: Ari and Mrs. Gold's Divorce

I caught up on Entourage yesterday and I must say...I am liking this season, but I am truly devastated by the whole Ari and Mrs. Gold situation.

At the end of last season Ari and his wife separated. She lets him know on the phone while he is waiting for her in a house full of people for her surprise 40th birthday party. So you are thinking that they would get back together in the next season...or at least I was thinking this.

Then we start this season (the 8th and final). Ari and his wife have been separated for 3 months AND Eric and Sloan have ended things yet again. Sloan and Eric are like the Ronnie and Sam of the fictional world. Just be done with that shit already.

Anyways, since then we find out that Mrs. Gold is in a relationship with Bobby Flay, the celebrity chef. I know this is fiction...but I will NEVER watch Throwdown! again. Eff you Bobby. Ari kind of starts seeing Dana Gordon, one of the studio heads in town and his ex GF from before he was married.

At the end of this weeks episode Mrs. Gold says she is filing for divorce. I am distraught. Absolutely devastated. As weird as it sounds...they are the stability of the show. Every show needs the stability factor for the viewer. Once that is gone - it's all downhill from there. You tell me what happened to the OC after Seth went dark and emo and Kirsten ends up in rehab...yeah, that totally killed the show. Stability is key.

It is the last season of the show, so I guess they don't need to keep things in tact, but FACK - end on a good note.


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