Monday, August 29, 2011

Dancing with the 'Stars' Lineup

If they got a legit set of entertainers and upped the budget of the show by about $100 million I may consider watching it. Currently, there is no way in hell.

This is the lineup for next season...
Nancy Grace - CNN's village idiot.
Kristin Cavallari - I actually figured she would be done with reality TV.
Ricki Lake - Go Ricki, Go Ricki
Chynna Phillips – no idea
Hope Solo – soccer player
Elizabetta Canalis – George Clooney's old woman
David Arquette – Courtney Cox's in separation husband
Rob Kardashian – a Kardashian, need I say more
Ryan O’Neal – Farrah Fawcett's man pre-passing.
J.R. Martinez – actor
Chaz Bono – this should be interesting
Ron Artest – NBA player



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