Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cover Me Canada announces Judges

Cover Me Canada is set to premiere on September 18 on CBC. Canadian talent shows seem to be back in full force after a couple years of drought. Let's hope that these new one fair better than Canadian Idol.

Canada Sings has proven to be entertaining enough. I think the judges are too nice and there have been a couple of weeks where I think that no one should have won because the entire thing was garbage, but all in all....Ice Ice Baby.

So how will Cover Me Canada hold up? The concept of only singing covers by Canadian artists has me thinking that we are going to be hearing an awful lot of garbage, but an occasional hit. I have listened to some of the audition covers for the show and I have yet to be impressed. If I hear more than one Nickleback cover the TV is going off - I swear to Jesus.

The judges for the show have just been announced and I am not sure if they fared better or worse than Canada Sings. Jordan Knight from the New Kids on the Block (possibly a one degree separation from Mark Wahlberg), Deborah Cox, and producer Ron Fair. Seems very Canadian Idol of a New Kid which is a step up. There are more notable names on the Canada Sings panel, but they don't say anything worth remembering so lets hope the Cover Me guys have got something intelligent to say.

Curious to know how many people actually know someone who has auditioned...from the commercials I have seen 2 groups that I know. familiarity is always a good hook.


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