Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bon Iver on MTV turning 30

Oh, so you love MTV then? Ha. On their website, Bon Iver posted the following in response to MTV turning 30 yesterday:

MTV turns 30 today. Here's what I think: could easily just say 'fuck mtv" and give sound reasoning... But fuck it, what Ani Difranco sang is what I think: open fire on hollywood open fire on MTV open fire on NBC and CBS and ABC open fire on the NRA and all the lies they told us along the way open fire on each weapons manufacturer while he's giving head to some republician senator

That kills me. Although I love this...I would also like to to hear the sound reasoning. It would defs give me a laugh.

I heart Bon I...here is there music video for their song Calgary - if you have not seen it already.


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