Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ben is the next Bachelor

Ben Flajnik is the next Bachelor. Now I know that he grew on some people towards the end of Ashley's season, but come ON people! He was the guy on the show who I wondered why he was there for the first 5 weeks. The Josh Groban look alike who I would assume does not have the talent of J Grobe was always a mystery to me.

This is a terrible choice and to say I am not happy about it is an understatement. I would have preferred Mickey or Ben C...both of whom left prematurely. Mickey because he was smart and asked to go home and Ben C because he got thrown under the bus by the dumbest guy on the show, William.

If I were to be completely honest I would say shake it up a little bit and get a charismatic unknown to be the new bachelor. That would be a welcomed curve ball.


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