Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anderson Cooper's Giggle Fit

Anderson Cooper has a little laughter breakdown while discussing the French actor, Gerard Depardieu's 'peeing in the middle of an aircraft' situation yesterday.

How did they expect someone to keep their composure while reading that? Who writes this crap? They should be fired. I have never watched the 'RidicuList' before so I am not sure if this is how it usually sounds but...change it up asap. I now have a migraine.

The only reason that whole segment was bearable is because Anderson loses it and starts high pitch giggling. I think he was just in pain and he is really crying from how stupid he sounds.


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  1. Yeah, usually the Ridiculist is not that full of that much pun-packing action. Usually it's a piece about someone who's an ass and Anderson keeps a straight face and they analyze the stupidity of individuals in society. So yeah, he was probably laughing out of pain as the only suitable way to get through the segment.


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