Friday, July 29, 2011

Travis Pastrana breaks his ankle day one of the XGames

This may be a surprise to everyone, but I was a XGames enthusiast when I was younger...around the time when Travis Pastrana first came on the scene and started his multiple-year domination in motocross.

Yesterday at the XGames while trying to pull off a trick Travis broke his right foot and ankle after his bike landed on him. Watch the video above (which may be disabled shortly). He has done worse to himself, but seriously...his poor body.

He tweeted earlier today: I'm on my way to the hospital for x rays, something with my foot, Ill keep everyone posted.. Might be driving with my hands on Saturday. Um, not likely. It is also not likely that he will be driving in NASCAR this weekend when he planned to make his race car driving debut. Sad face.


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