Monday, July 11, 2011

Top 5: Places to get Cowboy Happy during Stampede #YYC

It's that time of year again! A lot of people have already been 'Stampeding' for the past 4 days, but I just got back to the city so this is my start. For those of you who enjoy the disaster that the Stampede can be, this post is for you. For those haters out there that basically want to go crawl in a hole during the 10 day festival...avert your eyes.

Wildhorse Saloon (4th St and 6th Ave Sw)
This beer tent is located right in the middle of downtown. If you are an 18 year old huss this may not be the place for you as it tends to attract the corporate crowd - buuuuut the corporate men tend to have more disposable income (free drinks drinks).  Plus they have some good acts playing this year. Oddly enough, Broken Social Scene is playing on Wednesday night - why? I have no idea. Weirder things have happened. (More Info)

Cowboys Tent
The bar may have closed down, but that doesn't mean that all the lushes can't find the slewey bartenders for our 10 disaster festival. The Cowboys tent is located next to the Stampede Casino. It's $20 to get in ($25 after 9pm, prices vary on nights with bands) and $7.50 for drink tickets. And the shame of getting belligerently drunk and reliving your glory days is free with admission. (More info)

Bull's Eye Cookshack (Stampede Grounds)
Now this is a personal favorite. Nothing too special...basically an overflow of people who wanted to go to Nashville North, but are not eager to wait in a line for 6 hours. I played a couple dozen sloppy games of flip cup there. Greatness.

Nashville North (Stampede Grounds)
Everyone loves Nashville North...and the mile long line would attest to it. It is a giant beer tent with bands. I actually don't really see the appeal of waiting in a line for that long unless you have a roadie (which can be difficult as you can't bring your own booze on the grounds). But alas, every year I wait. (More info)

Let's be real...Stampede can really do a number on your wallet. The best drinking can be done at home prior to hitting all the Stampede attractions. But don't drink alone...that is sad and may lean towards you being an alcoholic.

Enjoy the last 7 days wannabe cowboys! Be crazy and be responsible. Don't drink and drive...if I see you doing this I will punch you in the face.


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