Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 5: Celeb Photos from the Calgary Stampede

Finally it is over. I love ya Stampede...but you were killing me and I am glad to see you go...until next year when you turn 100!

I am sure many people went into work dazed and hungover this morning. Sunburns are being treated, cleanses are being planned, diets are taking effect and the doctors offices are packed with people who are rethinking their 'Skankpede' and need to get tested.

There were some pretty big names in town for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth...and lucky for us, some of them are on Twitter or took pictures with people who have twitter. Here are the best fan/celeb photos of the 2011 Stampede.

Katy Perry
That little sneak went into Stampede, spent the whole day running around taking pictures and no one knew who she was. If you were trying to find someone with black hair...well, you were wrong.

Prince William and Kate
Still devastated that I missed the Royals, but glad to have seen all their photos of them in their white hats. By far the most sought after people at the Stampede in recent history.

Howie D (Backstreet Boys)
Howie posted this photo of himself on a barrel of hay. It would have been better if he were wearing cowboy boots, but I can't hate because I wore my chucks the entire time as well.

Matthew Morrison (Glee)
Did anyone else find this guy wandering around the midway? My friend Beth did...this picture is unreal.

Sheena Snively and Adrian Grenier
Sheena is from MTV Live. Her and Paul the Intern were in town taking in the festivities. She snapped this photo of her and Entourage's Adrian Grenier at the Stampede. Something tells me he was not into the hat - or the greatest show on earth. Something also tells me that Sheena was totally into the Skankpede and was jizzing in her pants when this photo was taken.

Until next year...


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