Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 5: Calgary Folk Festival Moments

The Calgary Folk Festival is over after 4 days of sun, rain, beer, music and fried food. To recap the entire experience would be a bit of a novel so I thought I would give you my top 5 moments.

Day 2 - the best worst day
When it rains it pours in Calgary, but that didn't kill the spirit of the tarpies. People still flocked to the stages all day and night wearing rain ponchos, gum boots, and in some cases the same thing that they would wear any other day. Those people may now be sick.

Imaginary Cities - the unexpected find
With so many bands playing and so many stages it is almost impossible to hear everyone at the festival. I didn't really like the idea of 'workshops' where multiple bands shared the stage and sang together at one time, but if it wasn't for the one called The Science of Fiction on Sunday I wouldn't have heard Imaginary Cities. I now love them.

Socalled - hilarious encounter
Sitting in the media tent on the rainy day 2 myself and a photographer from Swerve were approached by a guy with crazy hair and glasses. He said he was the publicist for Socalled, a Canadian rapper and producer, and he wanted to network with the media. Legit, except this particular dude seemed very sketchy. Turns out he was a little *cough* and was just messing with us - he actually was Socalled. He turned out to be a pretty hilarious dude and he ate all my banana loaf. banana loaf ever.

Photo Credit: Aldona B Photography
Josiah Johnson interview - bad situation turned great
If you were at the Folk Fest you would have seen those golf carts being driven all over the place. Were you jealous and did you ever want to jump on one? I did. My interview with one of the members of The Head and the Heart almost didn't happen. We were running out of time so I suggested that we conduct the interview on a golf cart on the way over to the stage where the band was performing. I got my interview AND I got to ride in a golf cart. Ah, happiness. (...this photo was taken after we got out of the golf cart.)

kd Lang, Joseph Arthur, Coeur de Pirate
Photo Credit: Aldona B Photography
The music - the reason we are here
There was so much fantastic music this year it is hard to pick a fave and narrow down the best. My list is long for a reason...I just could not decide. Great acts include: Joel Plaskett, City and Colour, Matt Andersen, Partick Watson, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, New Country Rehab, Imaginary Cities, The Head and  the Heart, Yo La Tengo, kd Lang, CR Avery, Joseph Arthur, and Coeur de Pirate. There were a couple of not-so-great acts that I won't mention. You can't win 'em all.

Until next year...that's a folk festival wrap.


Side note: Why do they have a beer gardens that children are allowed to go into? Why have a beer garden at all? Why not license the whole park? Someone explain this to me please. Thanks.

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