Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some other things I thought you may like to know...

Mariah Carey is such a loon. What the hell is this? The best part about this is that she had been on the show before and they let her back. Hi-larious.

Lauren Hill had her 6th kid over the weekend. It's a boy...6 kids?! That would not go down well in China.

Carey Mulligan, former GF of Shia LaBeouf, is engaged to Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons...holy hell, can you say talented children?

Feist is releasing a new album on October 5...good gawd it has been a while woman.

Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up...he is such a head case, no one can be surprised by this.

Today's birthdays include Mick Jagger  (68) and Taylor Momsen (18)...what do they have in common? Rock and hooches showing their cooches.

Bob Dylan has a grandson who is a rapper...Didn't Tom Hanks have a son who was a 'rapper' as well? Whatever happened to him?

Amy Winehouse's funeral was today...RIP AW.


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