Saturday, July 30, 2011

Russell Crowe in Newfoundland

Russell Crow is currently in Newfoundland playing a couple of shows with his friend Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea. I am kind of confused as to where, so a Newfie needs to help me out here. Is he playing at the NFLD Folk Festival or the George Street Festival? Cause he is in town right now.

I would love for someone to track him down and let me know what stage of weight gain/loss he is at. He seems to fluctuate quite frequently so I am curious.

On another note, I have never been to Newfoundland. I should add this to my bucket list.



  1. Aye, he's here in Newfoundland, mostly on vacation. He dropped into a pub, had an impromptu concert for the crowd, is planning on doing a guest appearance on Republic of Doyle, and just enjoying the sights.

    Nice fellow, that Crowe by'.

  2. He's playing tonight and tomorrow night at a theatre in downtown St. John's with Alan Doyle of the band Great Big Sea, along with the 2 other guys who were in the Robin Hood movie with them. He's been hanging out in town all week, also doing a guest spot on local tv production 'Republic of Doyle'.

    And yes - St. John's rocks! You must check it out.


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