Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rob Lowe's Lifetime Movie hits a Snag

Rob Lowe is in a movie about Drew Peterson, the cop who killed his wife (or wives?), called Ladykiller: The Drew Peterson Story. It is supposed to air on Lifetime, but Peterson is calling for production to stop. He is currently serving time in prison as he awaits his trial and thinks that a movie like this will corrupt the jury pool. WTF. I think all the media attention about him killing his wife is something people will see more of than a Lifetime made for TV movie. Please Drew, calm the F down.

I think he should just be happy that Rob Lowe is playing him. ROB LOWE!? Have you seen this Peterson dude? Not hot. Lowe on the other hand is gorge. In this photo he is supposed to be Peterson. Ew. I will actually be glad if this show never sees the air...I do not want to see Rob looking so eck.


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