Thursday, July 14, 2011

OMG...Kevin Costner is kind of hot for an old dude.

At the Stampede Roundup (known as the biggest party at Stampede that I had never been invited to before now) I was chillin watching Big and Rich and someone behind me was like, "Look it's Kevin Costner." What the hell.

If you didn't know, Kevin Costner is in the band Modern West. They are playing a show at some point during the Stampede, but they weren't playing the Roundup. So of course I was a little surprised to see him chilling on the side of the stage. So this I got the solo picture. Then I thought...I want to be in it. So I got the second one with myself and Erin Strate.

Then I am back by one of the bars and who do I see getting himself a I went in for the kill. This is how my meeting with Kevin went.

Me - Hi Kevin!
Kevin - Hello.
(hand shake)
Me - Can I get my picture with you?
Kevin - Sure.
The End.
While showing this photo to everyone at my work today I realized...Kevin is hawt for an old dude. So I am even more excited. Ha ha.


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