Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie Madness: Out this Weekend

Ohhhhh it's a Harry Potter weekend for suuuuuure! All you Potheads get together and celebrate the end of the Potter era. If you are not down with the HP...well there are a couple other options.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The final installment of the Potter franchise. I hear it wraps up everything it should. You can read Kees' guest blog review here.

A Better Life (limited)
An illegal immigrant in the USA has a son that he wants to have a better life than his. It is a movie about their struggles and I am assuming, overcoming obstacles. Looks like it may be a tear-jerker for those moved by 'my life is hard - feel better about yours' movies.

Winnie the Pooh
Let's get a little old school up in here. I will definitely watch this when I want to be nostalgic. I think they went the right route with this movie by keeping the original animation. I would have been horrified if they had done some sort of pixar crap to it. They stuck to the original, which is all a girl can ask for!

Happy watching!


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