Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mark Wahlberg says goodbye to Entourage at Premiere

How dare they! The UK Daily Mail said that Mark Wahlberg looked 'washed out' and his age was 'catching up to him' at the premiere of Entourage last night in New York. Take it back! My hubby looks as good as ever.

This is the final season for the show, which is based loosely on the life of Mr. Wahlberg. Vinny and the crew will be out of our lives forever soon (unless that movie that they all claim is going down happens).

Couple things:
  • I much prefer Adrian Grenier with short hair.
  • I will miss Drama - but you can catch him on How to be a Gentleman which premieres in the Fall(saw the first episode, pretty legit).
  • Holy Jerry Ferrera - still can't get over your tininess, so adorable.
  • What will Ari Jeremy Piven do now? Ari was the best role he will ever have. Don't know if it can be topped.
  • Of the whole crew Eric was the least dynamic, but something tells me that in real life I would probably like Kevin Connolly the best.

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