Monday, July 25, 2011

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk's first go at the Calgary Folk Festival

Lauren Mann is a resident of Calgary and the namesake of Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk. This year, while on tour, she got the call about playing at the Calgary Folk Festival. Quite an honor for a band that has not been around for that long and doesn't have the name recognition as many of the bands on the line-up did.

I sat down and talked to Lauren about playing the festival and she said it was an amazing experience. Prior to this year she hadn't even attended the festival. That was not without wanting, of course. She has listened to the music from the other side of the river with the lines of people who sit on the rocks who either couldn't get a wristband to the sold out shows or couldn't afford the ticket price. So her first experience at the festival was on the stage. That could be a little bit nerve racking, but Lauren didn't seem at all frazzled.

Lauren and the band had done some stuff previously with CJSW and she believes that they put in a good word for her. All the festival organizers had to do was take a listen to Lauren and they would have been sold, but a helpful word from a radio station never hurts.

I watched her play one of the festival workshops and it didn't even phase her. Other bands I spoke to had said that they were really uncomfortable with it - being thrown on stage with a couple of other bands and asked to just jam. Some people just like to play their own stuff and that is it. I could see why it would throw some people.

Recently Lauren and crew just finished up touring all over Canada. Winding down at Folk Fest was probably the icing on the cake of a great 6 months. From the West Coast all the way to the East Coast. I am tired just thinking about it. Lauren's favorite touring experience thus far was Nanaimo, BC where she went crab catching...oh prairie people. The ocean mystifies them. Personally I think the ocean smells, but that is just me.

Congrats to Lauren and all the other local bands that took the stage at the Festival this year. You definitely made this city proud.


For more information about Lauren and the music go here.

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