Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kevin Smith bringing Red State to Calgary

Kevin Smith is going on an appearance tour with his film Red State. It will be coming to Calgary along with other selected cities in Canada. For a kind of hefty price you can screen the film and then attend a question and answer session with Kevin.

The film itself looks freaky. For real. Heard of the Westboro Baptist Church? They are the ones that picket funerals and tell people that God hates them. They are a crazy bunch...and I believe, from what I hear, this film is modeled after extremist groups like this. Cultish and all-over insane.

I won't see the movie because just watching the preview makes me scared to turn out the lights (I know, I am a full blown pussy), but I would go to see Kevin Smith. The man is a film making genius. He had this to say about the upcoming tour:

I wear my love for Canada on the sleeve of my hockey sweater, so ever since we started planning the Red State USA Tour, I've been ready to do a Red Province Tour across the grand cultural mosaic that is the Great White North.  Now, thanks to Phase 4, I finally get to scare the shit out of a buncha Canucks with the weird little Tarantino/Coen Brothers homage flick that is Red State. This is not a comedy like Clerks; this is a horror movie. Like Jersey Girl.

Ha ha. Love it.  Below are the dates of the tour and the prices. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster, except for the Vancouver show which has a link.

Montreal on August 14 at Theatre Hall Concordia
Toronto on August 15 at Toronto Underground
Edmonton on August 16 at The Garneau
Calgary on August 17 at The Uptown
Vancouver on August 18 at The Vogue (tickets)

Prices for the event are steep...

$85.00 for VIP Seating and a DVD copy of Red State
$70.00 for General Admission and a DVD copy of Red State
$50.00 for General Admission.

Would you pay $50 to hear Kevin Smith? I am way to cheap for that, but I new someone who paid over $1000 to have their picture taken with Britney Spears so I guess anything is possible.


Side note: Kristen Stewart's ex-BF that she dumped to be with R Pattinson is in this movie...if that makes it any more appealing.


  1. I bought a pair of tix for Paul McCartney for $500.00, but I won't pay for just myself for this nonsense....get the hint??

  2. The movie itself looks weird and odd but I purchased tickets to be in the VIP seating. You sepnd 20 bucks to go see a movie now anyway and normally to see Kevin Smith speak is around 50, so really 85 to see the movie, see Kevin Smith and to get a copy of the DVD sent to you isn't that unreasonable. Then again I flew to New Jersey for a long weekend so I could got to his comic book store so I might just be to much of a geek not to pay LOL


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