Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Review: NKOTBSB (Vancouver) or A Letter to the Dudes Sitting Behind Me

Dearest Russel and Miguel (the dudes sitting behind me),

Last night you sat behind me at the NKOTBSB concert. Without having asked, I would have to say that Miguel feels he is the biggest NKOTB fan hands down. Every song that the New Kids sang was your "jam" (you proudly proclaimed it every five seconds). I'm not hating, it was actually very entertaining. But I feel like we could have a boy band throw down. BSB all that way baby.

I will give your boys this...they are definitely much much better at dancing and singing than Nick, Brian, AJ and Howie. It was like...they actually practiced or something. My guys are too busy going to rehab and filming The House of Carters to do any of that. The last time I saw the BSB it was completely laughable, but I LOVED it. My thought was that no dude over 25 can bust a boy band move without looking like a tool. I was wrong. Now I am even more embarrassed for my guys.


On the song front my guys will win every time. The Right Stuff is not my jam, Get Down is more in sync with greatness. I am not sure if you were aware of this, but when the BSB sang one of their songs from Unbreakable, the audience seemed confused. Anything after Black and Blue (besides Incomplete) is pretty much a mystery to everyone. Don't get me wrong I know them, but that is because I am their biggest fan ever...but the general population was with them until their peak (Millennium) and then thought they broke up. I swear to you. My friend who came with me thought that they broke up after Black and Blue and this was a reunion tour. Don't ask - she is obviously not a super fan and we are not friends anymore.

I am not sure who your favorite New Kid was...I want to say Joey cause one of you was yelling "YOU GO JOE!" Repeatedly while he was doing a solo, but mine is definitely Donnie Wahlberg. Let me tell you why: I am pretty much married to his younger brother. It's a family thing. But after the concert tonight he is now just my favorite for being awesome. Did I wet my pants a little when he ripped off his shirt? Um, YES. I am sad that he is balding, thus needed to wear a hat the whole night, but whatever. In case you were wondering, my favorite BSB from childhood was Brian. Now I pretty much love them all equally. Even Howie (who I used to hate mostly because of his long hair...he looks like a doll now with it short).

I was sad for Miguel that he didn't get picked to go on stage to be sung to during I'll Never Break Your Heart. I understand that we were not in the front section, but how did they miss Miguel standing on his chair yelling "PICK ME"...for serious. I just think it is plain ridiculous that there was no male representation on the stage. I was certainly pissed that the girl Brian picked to sing to was not even alive when Kevin was still in the band. It's just straight up disrespectful - they should leave that girl to the Biebers of the world. I have no qualms with Howie and Nick's choices...but AJ. He went out and found the chick who looked the closest to a hooker. Did you see her metal heel on her stilettos? Hooch alert. Anyways - I was routing for you. Better luck next time.

As far as next time goes with you I am not sure how long you will have to wait to see Donnie and the crew again...I will only have to wait 3 days as I am seeing them again at home on Wednesday (and by home I mean Calgary - not in my house, but that would be rad). I do hope there are a couple of people as equally entertaining as you at the next show.

Miguel, Me and Russel

Verdict: 4.3 Stars


  1. LOL hooch alert indeed! She's the girl with Nick's && AJ's autos tattooed on her ass. If you didn't know. Hahah

  2. LOL! AJ picked a skank when they performed in Chicago. Nick won my heart that night because he picked a heavier girl.

    Who cares if Donnie is balding? Papa has been working out ;P

  3. OH JEEZ! The hooch with the autos on her bum sat in front of me the day she had them done last August, I believe. They were all saran wrapped and taped and bleeding, yet she was prancing around with her skirt pulled up showing everyone who didn't want to see the nasty mess she had going on down there.


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